This Week in Fantasy Flight

 This is going to be an ongoing weekly series in which I highlight the new releases from Fantasy Flight and make recommendations based on my time playing various Fantasy Flight properties.

First up X-Wing released 4 expansions this week:  the ARC-170, Special Forces TIE, Protectorate Starfighter and the Shadow Caster.  From personal experience with the X-Wing game the models look gorgeous and come fully prepainted, the game itself is easy to pick up and play and I could easily recommend any of those expansions to a fan of miniature tabletop games or even Star Wars fans as collectibles.

Breaking them down ship by ship the ARC-170 is the ship that replaced the Clone Z-95 starfighter, it saw most of its action toward the latter portion of the galactic civil war between the republic and trade federation, later being repurposed by the rebels.  The Special Forces TIE is a next generation TIE fighter with more advanced shielding and armor, as well as a rear turret gunner seat.  The Protectorate or Fang Fighter is of Mandalorian design and will fit in well with the third faction that has been introduced to X-Wing the bounty hunters.  The Shadow Caster is the bounty hunting ship of Ketsu Onyo and another addition to the bounty hunter faction.  It has lighter shielding and armor than most bounty hunting ships, but is faster as a trade off.

Next up are two tile expansions for Mansions of Madness:  Recurring Nightmares and Suppressed Memories.  The Mansions of Madness game is another strong addition to the Arkham lineup that Fantasy Flight has been producing.  Being based off of the works of HP Lovecraft the Arkham series has really flourished under the charge of Fantasy Flight.  Whether is the Call of Cthulhu card game or a press your luck dice game with Elder Sign, Fantasy Flight is sure to have something to scratch your cultist itch.


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