Forza Horizon 3 Review

toxikk-review-1In a move to cater to a wider audience Microsoft came out strong at E3 this year with their plan to support both the XBox One and Windows 10 via the UWP.  The most recent example of this is Forza Horizon 3 which is the most recent entry in the Forza franchise.  This is the first full retail game of the Forza franchise to be released on PC following the free to play title Forza 6 Apex.

 Set in the Australian outback Forza Horizon 3 has you setting up your own festival with various race events.  You have full control over everything whether you are setting the rules for events to trucks only, the DJs you hire, muscle cars or foreign sports cars down to which drivers you recruit there are a bevy of options here.  This game for simulation is a car enthusiasts dream, with over 300 cars that you can purchase.  Every car has parts that can be replaced with after market parts from engines to suspensions you can tune your car as you see fit.  You can even create you own paint jobs including decals and upload them for other players to download.  Gaining some in game currency with each download.  The game also has a prize wheel which can be spun periodically in order to earn CR which is the in game currency or even special cars which can only be obtained from the wheel.

I failed to win the BMW M5, but I did get 50,000 CR toward buying or upgrading a car

From a technical perspective the handling is impressive, while I don’t own a race wheel at the time of writing I found both the keyboard controls and using a controller to work equally well in this game.  The game also has a fairly high skill cap, different cars handle differently based on whether they are front wheel drive, weight has an affect on handling/drifting and different parts will change how the cars handle.

specsWhile always an amazing looking game, the true beauty of the engine has come to life on the PC and many of the issues that gamers have had with UWP have been resolved with the anniversary patch, adding better multi-monitor support, v-sync options and options beyond border less windowed were a good start, however SLI is still an issue for people that take advantage of SLI so this game is single card only due to how UWP handles SLI, it has to be coded on a per game basis.

The textures in this game look fairly nice and the draw distance is impressive

The music in this game in an eclectic mix of hip-hop, electronic and rock.  You can also integrate your own music through Groove Music.  There is something for nearly everyone built in to the game though and it uses an interesting system of hiring DJs to unlock radio stations and the ability to make favorite tracks skill tracks that give extra experience toward leveling up and builing up your festival.

There are DLC car packs which can be bought using CR earned in game or for $29.99 or your regional equivalent. I find the ability to buy the car packs for money to be concerning as there is always the chance that the developers have over priced the cars to make buying them a much better option, however looking at the cars I am seeing a varied mix of high price and low price cars in each pack with the most expensive being exotic sports cars that cost 1.5 million CR each.

In summation what is offered here has massive amounts of depth and allows you to build your own festival to the sport of racing, whether you want drag races to rap music or off road rallies to rock songs there is a lot on offer here.  For those of you that own both an Xbox One and have a gaming PC cross play is enabled whether you buy a physical retail copy or buy it digitally you get a free copy for the other platform.  The game is $59.99 or your regional equivalent and is only available in the Windows 10 App store on PC.  I give this game a final verdict of buy it.


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