Review: Artifact Adventure Gaiden

The control scheme works best with a controller on hand, while the keyboard is functional, it is the only thing that is functional.  Mouse controls are barebones at best for navigating menus.  There is also no option for key rebinding so the only options are pick up a controller or get used to using a keyboard only layout for this title.


There isn’t too much to say about either visuals or sound design.  The developer bluffman did a decent job at recreating both the audio and the video that one would expect from the original Game Boy.  Though some of flashing in the ability animations did cause a bit of eye strain during the review, some gamers also reported headaches after playing.  The biggest drawback to the sound design would be the music which while itself isn’t bad, each track is between thirty seconds and one minute long in an endless loop.


Menu where quests are tracked, some quests like Traveler’s Future have unknown goals and require exploration.




  • Interesting take on an old-school quest system
  • Enough variation in weapons and abilities to make runs unique


  • It becomes easy to get lost in combat in harder areas
  • Lack of key rebinding to allow players a more comfortable keyboard setup
  • Music is short and the loops are noticeable

Final Thoughts

For anyone that is a fan of the classic Final Fantasy games this is an obvious buy.  For anyone else, this is a bit more of a hard sell.  There is plenty of fun to be had if you can look past the games faults, none of which are really major enough to kill enjoyment.  The most frustration I had was when mobbed by enemies and flashy animations had made combat a bit of a mess.  However, even here the game is forgiving enough to send you back to overworld rather than to a game over screen.  Artifact Adventure Gaiden is currently available on Steam for $9.99 or your regional equivalent and gets a final verdict of buy it.


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