Review: Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Set in Bohemia in the fourteenth century, Kingdom Come: Deliverance has players taking on the role of Henry from Skalitz the son of a blacksmith.  Tragedy would strike early for Henry as his parents and friends would be killed in a raid by Cumans rallying under the banner of Sigismund.  After a prologue which ends after Henry attempts to bury his parents the world opens up to the players.  Here they are free to choose what they will do and how they will be viewed as they set out for revenge.

Tales of revenge are simple tales, but here it is held up excellently by for the most part well-written characters.  Stoic knights seeking honor on the road through duels, lords that obsess over honor and title, and lower class people of various personalities flesh out a beautifully crafted world.  Your interactions with these characters will shape not only how they view you, but how the world views you.  Acting like a thug, not bathing or constantly wearing ratty clothes will lower how people view you.  Conversely acting stuck up and putting down peasants may impress some lords.  Though, it will negatively affect the commoner’s perception of Henry.

Henry, the hero of this tale of revenge and honor.

Henry is free to take on various jobs and activities from rooting out potential witchcraft to courting a woman to start a family with.  Though some missions and choices carry real consequences.  Owe someone money and wait too long to pay it back, they’ll send goons to rough you up.  Make a choice that besmirches a potential ally and they won’t help you anymore.  Here is where the game handles world building the best, your choices actually matter beyond the window dressing seen in some other RPGs.  While the sandbox is excellent and the world is well-built, people that are fans of fantasy RPGs will probably not find as much fun here.  Being a non-fantasy game that strives for historical accuracy there is no magic, potions brewed with alchemy are as likely to harm as they are to help and injuries take time to heal.

The fast travel system, as you fast travel you can also encounter bandits or other events.

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