Review: Wizard of Legend

Wizard of Legend opens with players visiting a museum filled with exhibits to mages that had undertaken the Chaos Trials.  Which involved fighting through a labyrinth of monsters eventually facing off with the three elemental lords:  Earth Lord Atlas, Flame Empress Zeal and Frost Queen Freiya.  After running a trial course in the museum the player is transported back in time by the Insignia of Legend an item made from chaos magic that successful wizards received.  From there setting out to complete the Chaos Trials and go down in history as one of the legendary wizards.  Overall the premise is handled well and works well to serve the game.

The core gameplay has players choosing one basic spell, one dash spell, one standard spell and one signature spell.  They also choose one artifact which will augment their abilities before entering the trials.  The trial dungeon is procedurally generated with the following pattern, two stages themed around one of the elemental lords, then you face that lord in combat.  Basic spells as the name implies work as your basic attack with your other abilities being cooldown based.  Chaining various spells and using your basic spells as a filler builds up your signature meter, when it gets full your next signature attack within a short time limit will have bonus effects and do more damage.  Mechanically this game is mash-up of a dungeon crawler and the brawler genres.

Desktop Screenshot 2018.05.24 -
The pinata, one of the friendly NPCs you will find.  Break it open to earn a powerful spell.

While progressing through the levels of the dungeon, players will find various NPCs which will offer services to them.  There are two vendors one that will sell artifacts and one that will sell different spells you can temporarily use.  Players will also randomly find the following: a pinata, a mysterious man that offers a free artifact, a tailor, a spell researcher, an artifact researcher and a gambler.  Be warned though for sometimes their help comes with a price, the artifacts the mysterious man offers, for example, are cursed and will hinder as much as they help.

What really works well in this game’s favor is that there is progress even if a run goes bad quickly.  The game has two currencies that are used, coins and void crystals.  Coins are earned during the run and used to purchase items from the vendors, coins and items bought with coins are lost after each death.  Void crystals, however, carry over between runs and are used to purchase new spells, artifacts and cloaks.  This constant sense of progression helps to reinforce the one more run feeling that comes with playing this game.

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